Friday, August 26, 2016

♥ Classroom Tour 2016-17 ♥

After four looonnnng days of working in my classroom...I am happy to say that it is officially finished! I'm so excited to finally show it to you!

When you are walking down the hall to enter my classroom, that's where you'll see the area where my students hang all of their stuff...I labeled each hook with their name on a bumblebee.

Right outside my door is where you will see my 'Parent Board'. This is where I'll be posting my weekly newsletters and an overview of what we will be learning throughout the week. My 'Meet the Teacher' letter is posted there as well for the parents to read.

(I purchased this Meet the Teacher template from this shop if you're interested)!

Once you walk by the parent board...that's when you'll come to my room!
Let's "Buzz On In".

The kids LOVE this magnetic sits right by my door.

Here's my room! I had gift bags on the student's tables for Meet the Teacher night...(I'll do a separate blog post about that)!

This is my housekeeping seems to be the most popular area in my room.

On the opposite side of my housekeeping center is my reading center.

On the wall next to my reading center is this SUPER cute bulletin board that my mom put together for me.

On the same side of the room is my desk. This is my first time having my own desk and computer area! I love it!

On the back wall of my classroom are my cabinets filled with all of my teaching supplies, textbooks, etc... The bottom has blocks, puzzles, and other fun learning materials for my students.

The wall beside my cabinet displays my students' birthdays!

That same wall has my learning board. On my learning board I have my calendar, days of the week, weather, and daily schedule posted. This is where we have our morning meetings/circle time.

Here's a closer picture:

The last wall in my classroom is where I will display my student's "Buzz-worthy" art work.

...and that's all! I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my classroom. I love it and I'm so happy with how it turned out! 

Thanks for reading...and stay tuned for my blog post about Meet the Teacher night!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

♥ Intro... ♥

Hi there! I'm Larraine...also known as 'onceuponateachr' on all of my social media accounts. I recently became a preschool teacher here in Northern Virginia and I've decided to try blogging (...again) so I can share my teaching adventures with you! If you'd like to follow me on instagram, twitter, etc. There is a link to all of my sites on the sidebar of my blog!

Talk to you soon!